8 Ways to Reduce Email List Churn

SmarterCX - 8 Ways to Reduce Email List Churn

Growing your email list is a challenge. Email list churn makes that challenge even harder. That’s because you have to replace every subscriber who unsubscribes, reports your emails as spam, or becomes chronically inactive just to keep your list size steady, much less grow it. It’s like walking up a down escalator….

On-Demand Webinar: The Email Subscriber Lifecycle

Understanding and Optimizing the 6 Stages of the Email Subscriber Lifecycle

To nourish and grow an email relationship, you need to cater to your subscribers’ needs and wants throughout the entire subscriber lifecycle. That means developing tactics to address the major subscriber moments from beginning to end. During this free 44-minute on-demand webinar, I discuss: The six stages of the subscriber lifecycle, from…

Email List Churn: How to Reduce Both Passive & Active Opt-Outs

Email List Churn: How to Reduce Both Passive & Active Opt-Outs

It’s cheaper to keep a customer than find a new one. The same holds true for email subscribers—which also happen to be many of your best customers. That’s why it’s important for all businesses to minimize their email list churn, which can be a major drag on growing your email marketing audience…

Netcore Podcast: Strategies to Reduce Email Churn Rates

Netcore Podcast: Strategies to Reduce Email Churn Rates

Since email has been the heart of marketing strategy, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, preventing email churn is the top priority for most email marketers. However, before you get to the task of retaining your email subscribers, it’s important for you to understand why your subscribers are churning, as well as which…

Holiday Marketing Quarterly: Second Quarter 2020 Checklist

Q2 2020 Holiday Marketing Quarterly

Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives B2C brands a quarter-by-quarter checklist for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with their email marketing and other digital marketing channels. Along with guidance on planning, strategy, and prioritization, you’ll get advice and tips from some of Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s more than 500…

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail’s TensorFlow, VMG Supports List-Unsubscribe, and More

Email Deliverability Quarterly: Gmail’s TensorFlow, VMG Supports List-Unsubscribe, and More

Email deliverability is constantly changing, as inbox providers adjust their filtering algorithms, blacklists tweak their listing criteria, and consumers evolve their definition of spam. That’s why even the best email marketing programs suffer deliverability problems sometimes. To help you avoid trouble, the deliverability practice at Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting (OMCC) shares the latest…

6 Manipulative Email Tactics that Disrespect Subscribers—And Hurt Marketers

Manipulative Email Tactics that Disrespect Subscribers and Hurt Marketers

While brands everywhere are embracing customer-centricity, many relics of brand-centric thinking are still out there. This is especially true in the email marketing industry, where we often vilify inbox providers and second-guess our subscribers’ intentions and intelligence. Let’s resolve to focus more on serving our subscribers instead of trying to manipulate them,…

Make Your Unsubscribe Survey More Actionable

Subscribers opt out for a variety of reasons and you don’t know which reason drove a particular person to unsubscribe unless you ask. That’s why some brands conclude their opt-out process with an unsubscribe survey that asks in one form or another: Why did you unsubscribe? Understanding why your subscribers opt out…

5 Reasons List-Unsubscribe Concerns Are Overblown

Apple’s iOS 10 Mail added support for list-unsubscribe, but the large “easy unsubscribe” banners that appear in marketers emails appear to be driving up opt-outs. Here are 5 reasons why marketers shouldn’t panic… Unsubscribes are not inherently bad, since they don’t harm deliverability and may not harm revenue. Brands have made it…

6 Email Marketing Manipulations that Should Stop

While many brands have embraced customer-centricity, there are many relics of brand-centric thinking still out there in the email marketing world, unfortunately. Here are 6 email marketing manipulations that we should stop in 2017: Using passive aggressive email signup and opt-out language Mandatory email opt-ins with purchase Hiding behind people’s names to…


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