Marketing Cloudcast: It’s 2017. Are You Still Making These Email Marketing Mistakes?

Marketing CloudcastI was fortunate to be asked back to be a guest again on Salesforce’s Marketing Cloudcast, which is hosted by Heike Young and Joel Book. During the 34-minute episode, we discussed the upcoming 3rd edition of my book, Email Marketing Rules, and what has changed over the years and is on the horizon.

Over the course of the podcast, we also talked about six mistakes that marketers continue to make in 2017 when it comes to email:

  1. Committing email marketing that’s neither functional nor respectful.
  2. Letting email marketing efforts transpire in a silo.
  3. Neglecting email for other channels where consumers don’t actually want brand interaction.
  4. Not leveraging the power of mobile.
  5. Sending more emails instead of better emails.
  6. Not personalizing for today’s high-expectation consumer.

I shared advice on how to avoid those mistakes, and much more.

>> Listen to the Marketing Cloudcast

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