How Brands Use Email to Engage Customers at Every Stage of the Life Cycle

In the era of the connected consumer, marketing has become more competitive and challenging than ever. Today’s consumers are better informed and more empowered, and they expect a personalized experience at every stage of the customer life cycle. This is why email has become the #1 channel for delivering offers, information, and customer service communications tailored to the needs, interests and behaviors of the consumer.

In this presentation that Joel Book of Salesforce and I gave yesterday at Salesforce Connections in Atlanta, we shared:

  • Case studies from innovative brands that use email to engage consumers and deliver personalized content at each stage of the customer life cycle
  • How to use customer data and predictive analytics to trigger email execution and personalize email content based on the customer’s needs and intent
  • Creative tips and techniques to optimize email click-through and conversion
  • How to use email in combination with other channels to engage consumers

Here are the slides from our presentation:

And here is a list of additional resources that we shared with attendees so they could take a deeper dive into each stage of the lifecycle:


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