Email Deliverability Quarterly: 1st GDPR Fine, Google Supports BIMI, and More

Email Deliverability Quarterly: 1st GDPR Fine, Google Supports BIMI, and More

Email deliverability is constantly changing, as inbox providers adjust their filtering algorithms, blacklists tweak their listing criteria, and consumers evolve their definition of spam. That’s why even the best email marketing programs suffer deliverability problems sometimes. To help you avoid trouble, the email deliverability practice at Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) Consulting shares…

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Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting is excited to launch a new twice-monthly newsletter designed to spark conversations about how brands can seize their digital marketing opportunities and overcome their challenges. Our 500+ consultants have expertise in every facet of digital marketing—from creative and strategy to compliance and automation—and will be sharing insights, advice,…

Smart Insights: 2020 Email Marketing Trends

Smart Insights - 2020 Email Marketing Trends

2020 is just around the corner. Which trends will drive email marketing in the coming year? That’s the question that Smart Insights sets out to answer in this blog post, which I contributed to. The post lays out five big 2020 email marketing trends: The growing impact of mobile Minimalism in email…

Holiday Marketing Predictions: What to Expect This Year

Holiday Marketing Predictions: What to Expect This Year

Every holiday season is a little different because of a variety of factors, including technology trends, consumer sentiment, and the timing of the calendar. Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) Consulting’s experts share their thoughts and predictions on how this holiday marketing season will be different from past ones. Our predictions this year revolve…

The Last Word on September 2019

A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports My Life as an Email Entrepreneur: My Final Article. (OnlyInfluencers) How to Code Search Bars in Email (Email on Acid) Do Not Reply to This Email: Here’s What You’re Missing (Email Optimization…

The 2019 Email Design Look Book, Plus the 6 Pillars of Modern Email Design

Oracle's 2019 Email Design Look Book

The Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting team reads lots of emails. Like, tens of thousands every year. That’s because it’s our job to help brands succeed in the inbox and we’re always looking around for inspiring examples and fresh approaches. In that spirit, we’re thrilled to share 20 of our favorite emails from…


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