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Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting is excited to launch a new twice-monthly newsletter designed to spark conversations about how brands can seize their digital marketing opportunities and overcome their challenges. Our 500+ consultants have expertise in every facet of digital marketing—from creative and strategy to compliance and automation—and will be sharing insights, advice, and client stories to help marketers envision the future of digital marketing.

In the first two issues alone, we’ll discuss:

  • The dangers of having poor email performance visibility
  • New developments that affect email deliverability and legal compliance
  • Why hardly any brands ever build homegrown email platforms anymore
  • The benefits of integrating email marketing with social, SMS, and other channels
  • Harley-Davidson’s Horizon Award-winning holiday campaign
  • The best time to send emails
  • Early warning signs of email deliverability problems ahead
  • What you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Best practices from the 3rd Edition of my book, Email Marketing Rules
  • Hawaiian Airlines’s EEC Award-winning re-designed its Miles Statement into a newsletter format

Don’t miss out. We hope you’ll join us as we explore the latest trends, explain best practices, and share inspiring real-world examples.

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