Webbula: The Industry’s Reaction to Apple’s New Privacy Protections

Apple Says Goodbye to Tracking Pixels

In the wake of Apple announcing that it would soon be disrupting tracking pixels, obscuring IP addresses, and pre-fetching and cached images for its Apple email client users, Webbula wanted to take the pulse of the email marketing industry and determine how everyone is feeling and what they think this means of our industry. Along with 11 other digital marketing experts, I share some of my thoughts about Apple’s new mail privacy protections:

Rather than blocking tracking pixels as it initially appeared, Apple’s upcoming Mail Privacy Protection feature will generate tons of false opens that will make it impossible to tell if a subscriber using an Apple email client has opened a marketer’s emails or not. MPP will also obscure IP addresses, location information, device information, and other data. Apple’s new features will undoubtedly affect everything from email analytics to deliverability to email design in a significant way. However, while the new features will change how marketers execute many tactics and strategies, as well as how effective those are, it won’t relegate any of them to the trash heap.

To read what everyone else thought and get a sense of the spectrum of reactions…

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