Tweetables from Connections 2014

Connections 2014It was a great week at Connections and I found plenty of great content to tweet about. In case you missed them, here are all the tidbits, factoids, and stats that I shared this week from the conference. You can find all the tweets from Connections at #CNX14.

Watch the Digital Marketing Event of the Year from your desk! Sign up for #CNX14 Livestream!  [Tweet]

Bringing together known customer data and anonymous customer data has been a big challenge. -Matt Smith of Best Buy #CNX14 [Tweet]

By paying attention to where customers are in the lifecycle of a product like smartphones, we can send relevant messages. -Best Buy #CNX14 [Tweet]

20% of donations to  come from email marketing. #CNX14 [Tweet]

The majority of @ExactTarget customers are using the Marketing Cloud for more than one channel now. #CNX14 [Tweet]

LiveNation tracks 4,000 attributes for each of their customers. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Thanks to everyone who attended my #CNX14 session. You can find the slides and resource list here >>  [Tweet]

RT @lauramaggie: Full, front & back, single-spaced page of notes coming out of @chadswhite’s Email Lifecycle Strategies #ohthetakeaways! #CNX14 [Tweet]

Lots of small, real-time interactions add up to a long, detailed customer journey. -Gabriel Stricker of Twitter #CNX14 [Tweet]

Innovation is now the mantle of every department within a company–marketing, accounting, legal… -Gabriel Stricker of Twitter [Tweet]

The ability to micro-target has totally changed how we do business. -Beth Comstock of GE #CNX14 [Tweet]

Mindshare before market share. -Beth Comstock of GE #CNX14 [Tweet]

Geeks are more “artists” than artists are. -@iamwill #CNX14 [Tweet]

Awesome! @thescript and @iamwill rocking out together at #CNX14 [Tweet]

RT @jkrohrs: Watch the #CNX14 CMO Conversations panel here: Great insights from @gabrielstricker @bethcomstock & @nickbesbeas. [Tweet]

Simon malls trades free wifi access in exchange for an email opt-in. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Sirius XM radio manages hundreds of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Mobile is where most of our customer interactions are taking place. -Mark Highland of Gannett #CNX14 [Tweet]

We are not loyal to a company because of a program. -Maggie Lang of Kimpton Hotels [Tweet]

Technology needs to map up to a culture. -Maggie Lang of Kimpton Hotels #CNX14 [Tweet]

McDonald’s has 14,500 Facebook pages–one for each local store to address local customers. #CNX14 [Tweet]

We have to connect and interact with our customers at the local level, not just the brand level. -David Martinelli of McDonald’s #CNX14 [Tweet]

They are not trying to read our emails. They are trying to delete them. We want to prevent that through relevance. -@JonPowell31 #CNX14 [Tweet]

Difficulty and length are impediments to action but are not as bad as unnecessary difficulty and length. -@JonPowell31 #CNX14 [Tweet]

RT @joshkimber: @lvojvodich @bradgressel @chadswhite @LudoRaedts @alexandani The Top 15 People at #CX14 and you’re one of them.  [Tweet]

Over the past year, @ExactTarget customers have sent 237 billion emails, including 8.5 billion triggered emails. #CNX14 [Tweet]

To get our Spark newsletter, send a blank email to New functionally announced at #CNX14 [Tweet]

This new “blank email opt-in” functionality is a cool new flavor of confirmed opt-in. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Hulu uses behavior analytics to determine when is the best time to approach users about upgrading to Hulu Plus. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Real-time data collection is absolutely critical to powering personalization and triggered emails. -Dasha Gastol of Diesel #CNX14 [Tweet]

Sales conversions increased 15% to 25% by adding personalized recommendations to cart abandonment emails. -Dasha Gastol of Diesel #CNX14 [Tweet]

Lee’s number one source of subscribers is the lightbox signup form on their website. #CNX14 [Tweet]

The email signup confirmation page on  asks new subscribers to take a style quiz for profiling purposes. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Dollar Bank’s welcome emails have 60%+ open rates versus roughly 30% for their other emails. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Lee’s emails with promotional CTAs do better in morning and those with social and other non-promo CTAs do better in evening. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Lee sends a birthday email, a half-birthday email, and a birthday wish list email a few weeks before a b-day. -@EmailGirl #CNX14 [Tweet]

Lee gives subscribers the opportunity to opt up to receive extra special emails during the holiday season. -@EmailGirl #CNX14 [Tweet]

RT @mikeramo: ‘OPT UP’ I have heard this term 100 this week and plan to take it home and use it Thanks @chadswhite @andreasmith77 @EmailGirl #CNX14 [Tweet]

Webroot ran into deliverability issues because of a free trial offer that was attracting poor quality addresses. #CNX14 [Tweet]

Webroot uses different sending strategies for inactives at different ISPs. #CNX14 [Tweet]

RT @NancyWeaver: “@jkrohrs: #CNX14 friends, get seats early for @realjohngreen’s 9am keynote. Stellar. #dftba” Can’t wait! [Tweet]

Great catching up with @swerdtoyourmom @jacaldwell @jcohen808 @mostew @DerekBHarding at #CNX14 [Tweet]

Cedar Point theme parks have 3 journeys they focus on: pre-visit, time in park, and post-visit. #CNX14 [Tweet]

You don’t become authentic. You become yourself over and over again. -John Green #CNX14 [Tweet]

Sometimes the really important metrics aren’t the apparent ones. -John Green #CNX14 [Tweet]

Feeling good about myself. My 1st book outsold John Green’s. “Email Marketing Rules” the Movie? #CNX14 [Tweet]

What’s bad for your community is ways bad for your business. -John Green #CNX14 [Tweet]

The problem with selling a long-term relationship is you don’t have it anymore. -John Green about monetizing relationships #CNX14 [Tweet]

If you allow a good community to guide you, they will show you yourself again and again. -John Green #CNX14 [Tweet]

About 27% of time spent on mobile devices is spent on Facebook or Instagram. #CNX14 [Tweet]

RT @kyleplacy: Download all the #CNX14 breakout session slides on @Slideshare –  [Tweet]

We like to think about the next best action, because it is not always the next best offer. -Rob Davis of Accenture #CNX14 [Tweet]

It used to take Xcel Energy 4-6 weeks to create an audience list for an email send. #CNX14 [Tweet]

40% of Xcel Energy’s customers have made a selection in their preference center. #CNX14 [Tweet]

RT @swerdtoyourmom: Famous #emailmarketing author, @chadswhite meeting & greeting one of his biggest fans, @jacaldwell #CNX14 [Tweet]

Loving the dancers/cameramen here at #CNX14 [Tweet]

If you have to force yourself to tweet, then you shouldn’t be tweeting. -@mindykaling #CNX14 [Tweet]

When you are trying to come up, it is all about putting in the time. -@mindykaling #CNX14 [Tweet]

It has been a great #CNX14. See everyone at #CNX15 in NYC June 15-17, 2015. [Tweet]

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