The Email Professional: A Snapshot

A Snapshot of the Email ProfessionalMore than 3,500 marketers completed our State of Email Survey, which closed at the end of January and explores how brands plan, build, approve, send, and ensure the deliverability of their email campaigns.

We’ll be releasing the findings of that survey in the weeks and months ahead, but in the meantime we’d like to give you a snapshot of the email professional, based on those responses.

Here are a few details from the full snapshot that’s available on the Litmus blog:

  • While more of them are men (52.7%), women (47.3%) are well represented, especially compared to other technology, advertising, and marketing fields.
  • The vast majority (72.4%) of them have three or more years of email marketing experience.
  • On average, they do 4.4 of the 10 tasks we asked about.
  • The vast majority (78.4%) of them work full-time on email marketing, but a significant portion are part-time (21.6%).
  • A strong majority (68.6%) of them work at a company with fewer than 500 employees.

> See the full snapshot on the Litmus blog

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