Sleeknote’s E-Commerce Boost Podcast: The Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs

Listen to Sleeknote's podcastI’m honored to be among the first guests on Sleeknote’s new podcast, E-Commerce Boost. In my episode, I spoke with Sleeknote’s Julie Fjeldgaard about the Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs. I explain why creating respectful, functional, valuable, and remarkable email experiences is critical to email marketing success.

In addition to the Hierarchy of Subscriber Needs, we discuss some of the finding from Litmus’ 2017 State of Email Deliverability report, including:

  • Sign-up processes
  • How the context of a sign-up affects subscriber quality and needs
  • The best and most problematic subscriber acquisition sources
  • The opportunity around signup confirmation pages

>> Listen to the podcast

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