Praise for the 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules

Email Marketing Rules (2nd Edition)I’m extremely proud of the 2nd Edition of “Email Marketing Rules,” which will be out next week! I’ve shared preview copies with some people that I highly respect—folks in the media, fellow authors, email industry colleagues, and broader digital marketing strategists. This is what they said about it:

Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert and New York Times best-selling author of “Youtility,” said, “This is, quite simply, once again the best book ever written about email marketing.” He added, “This second edition of ‘Email Marketing Rules’ builds upon the foundational greatness of the first book, but also adds a massive amount of new information that provides the why marketers need.”

Don Davis, Editor in Chief of Internet Retailer Magazine, said, “Still more tips—many of them far from obvious—from a master of retail email marketing. This edition provides valuable updates that take into account changes in how consumers view and respond to email, and provides a clearly written guide on how to best engage each individual. A must-read for email marketing professionals.”

Simms Jenkins, Founder & CEO of BrightWave and the author of two excellent books on email marketing, said, “Chad White is one of the top thinkers in the email world! Anytime I am asked how someone can learn more about email, I reference this book.”

Kyle Lacy, Director of Global Content & Research at the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and author of three books on digital marketing, said, “It is pretty simple. Chad is an expert in email marketing. This book should be required reading for any marketer looking to build a first-class digital marketing strategy.”

Loren McDonald, VP of Industry Relations at Silverpop, An IBM Company, said, “Marketers often struggle to understand the nuances of the email channel that can make it seem so complex. In ‘Email Marketing Rules,’ Chad White simplifies the rules of the game, outlining the critical practices marketers must deploy to succeed in this powerful channel. Those who fail to follow Chad’s rules do so at their own risk.”

Andrew Bonar, Head of Client Success & Deliverability at Campaign Monitor and Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of, said, “In an easy-to-read format, this book can be used as a go-to reference on all things email marketing.”

Dr. Dave Chaffey, CEO & Publisher and author of several books on digital marketing, said, “Email marketing is a deceptively complex channel to master, so it’s important to follow the latest best practices to avoid leaving money on the table. ‘Email Marketing Rules’ gives marketers a well-structured, easy-to-follow template for reviewing and improving their programs.”

Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing Insights at the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and author of “AUDIENCE,” said, “Chad has delivered a must-read primer for new marketing practitioners and seasoned veterans alike. ‘Email Marketing Rules’ is chock-full of practical insights that will improve the profitability of your company’s email marketing efforts. This is not a book you put on bookshelf—it needs to be at the right hand of every email marketer during the work day.”

I’m honored to have the support these digital marketing and industry experts and am thankful for their kind words.

Stay tuned for more updates and the release of the 2nd Edition of “Email Marketing Rules” next week!

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