The POGLE Media Model: Paid, Owned, Granted, Leased, and Earned

Read Chad White's Convince & Convert blog postsThe paid-owned-earned (POE) media model did a good job of describing traditional media, but it has done a poor job of accommodating most digital channel activities, which have generally been stuffed awkwardly into the owned media bucket. To bring greater clarity to the marketing mix, we need new language and a new framework to describe marketers’ various channel activities.

There are 3 characteristics that describe the channel activities available to us today:

  1. Who creates the content
  2. Who developed the audience
  3. Who controls the platform

It is that third characteristic that requires most digital channels to be broken out of the owned media category and placed in two new categories: granted media and leased media.

Using those 3 characteristics, here’s a full breakdown of what this new paid-owned-granted-leased-earned (POGLE) media model looks like and which media activities fall within each category…

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