Mobile Matters Podcast: Email Is NOT Dead. Stop Asking.

Mobile Matters - Chad White

How many times have you seen a headline claiming that email is dead? You’ve likely seen this headline countless times and probably have clicked on a few articles about it, too. However, the truth of the matter is that email is NOT actually dead and is very much alive.

I drove this point home when I spoke with Stephanie Cox, the host of the Mobile Matters podcast. However, we talked about a wide range of topics, including…

  • How I got my start in email marketing
  • The biggest changes to email marketing over the past decade
  • What has driven changes at inbox providers and regulators
  • How to measure email marketing success
  • Best practices for mobile email design
  • The impact of smartwatches

For a full discussion of each of those topics and more…

>> Listen to the podcast 

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