Millennials Driven to Opt-out and Report Spam Largely by Same Factors as Everyone Else

Millennials’ Email Marketing Dislikes Are (Mostly) the Same as Everyone Else’sOur Adapting to Consumers’ New Definition of Spam research, which surveyed more than 1,300 American adults, found that millennials were the same as older generations in many ways when it came to their email behavior. However, there were some differences.

Here are the five biggest differences that we could find from our research:

  1. Millennials check their spam folders more frequently and rescue brands they don’t want there more frequently.
  2. Millennials are more likely to take action based solely on an email’s subject line and other envelope content.
  3. Millennials are more likely to unsubscribe from emails over a bad customer service experience.
  4. Millennials are more likely to triage their mobile inbox, saving certain emails for later.
  5. Millennials are less likely to find unsubscribing from promotional emails to be difficult.

For all the details and takeaways on how to address each of these issues…

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