Message Prioritization: How to Emphasize the Right Messages

Message Prioritization- How to Emphasize the Right Messages

Which messages should I send this subscriber today? For many brands, the answer to that question is complex, because some of their subscribers are qualified to receive multiple broadcast, segmented, or automated messages because of their preferences or behaviors. However, sending them a bunch of messages in quick succession tends to create noise, not success.

The solution to this problem is to have a clear message prioritization, which involves suppression and send time decisions around your digital marketing campaigns to ensure you’re:

  • Not sending so many messages that your subscriber fatigues or opts out
  • Sending the highest value message
  • Avoiding taking attention away from your high-value messages

Accomplishing that can involve everything from no-tech to high-tech tactics. It also helps to strategize your message prioritization by dividing your campaigns into three buckets:

  1. Your broadcast campaigns
  2. Your segmented campaigns
  3. Your automated campaigns

Let’s look at the tactics you’ll want to consider…

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