Litmus’s Delivering Podcast: Asking the Right Questions

Delivering Episode 3: Asking the Right Questions with Chad S. White

Email analytics are pivotal to achieving marketing success, but many marketers misunderstand what the numbers are telling them or set the wrong goals.

In episode 3 of Delivering podcast, Litmus’s Jason Rodriguez and I talk about:

  • Where brands go wrong with email analytics
  • The most commonly misunderstood metrics
  • The right email metrics to focus your attention on
  • How an email brief can keep your campaign success metrics aligned
  • Where the gaps are in email performance visibility and how to try to close those gaps
  • How the desiloing of email marketing is driving the need for more cross-channel visibility
  • Cost-mindsets versus growth-mindsets
  • Why maximizing email marketing’s ROI isn’t the end goal

For a discussion of each of these issues…

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