Join Me for an #ETcafe about the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File

#ETcafeEvery Thursday the ExactTarget team hosts an #ETcafe Twitter chat from 11am to noon ET, where we discuss emerging topics and trends from across the digital marketing world. I am this week’s guest and I’ll be discussing the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File, of which I was the chief author. The report illustrates five critical email marketing trends with 20 stellar examples.

Follow the conversation using the #ETcafe hashtag. And follow me @chadswhite.

Here’s a preview of the questions that @ExactTarget will be tweeting for the chat:

  1. Which of the 5 email marketing trends highlighted in the report do you think is most important right now?
  2. Is there an important email marketing trend that you feel we missed?
  3. Which of the 20 email selections in the 2014 Best of the Email Swipe File is your favorite and why?
  4. We included 47 “Related Pins” in the report. Do you have any favorites among those?
  5. Which email design or messaging tactic are you most excited to swipe, test, and make your own?
  6. Do you keep your own swipe file for inspiration? How do you manage it? How has it helped you?
  7. What are some of your favorite sources of email inspiration?

Please join us this Thursday, June 19, at 11am EDT to take part in the conversation and meet other digital marketers. We’re looking forward to an inspiring #ETcafe!

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