Infographic: Many Email Marketing Mistakes Going Undetected

Many Email Marketing Mistakes Going UndetectedOur 2016 State of Email Production report found that 31.6% of marketers hadn’t halted a single email send in the past 12 months and that 49.4% hadn’t sent a single apology or correction email. At first, we were very impressed by these brands.

However, as we dug into the data, we became increasingly concerned. That’s because the marketers who weren’t halting or sending apologies appear to be significantly less sophisticated and fewer safeguards in place than marketers who were halting sends and sending apologies.

Our conclusion? Most marketers are making apology-worthy mistakes. But only half of them are aware of the mistakes they’re making.

In this infographic, we explore this issue and offer seven tips on how you can improve your visibility of email marketing mistakes.

>> View the infographic on the Litmus blog

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