How to Get Buy-In for Email Marketing Projects

8 Ways to Get Executive Buy-In for Email Marketing Projects, Besides ROIAlthough being data-driven is the aspiration, the majority of companies are pretty far off from that due to a myriad of challenges, from bad data to poor integration to cultural issues. The result is that budgets and projects are driven by many factors other than any kind of return on investment calculation or forecast.

Litmus reached out to marketing experts at eMailMonday, Shaw + Scott, Adobe, Merkle, Barkley, Oracle, RAPP, and Red Pill Email for their advice on how to get buy-in for email marketing projects and they recommended:

  1. Promoting sexier adjacent activities
  2. Positioning email more broadly
  3. Leveraging transformative initiatives
  4. Leveraging regulatory and brand compliance requirements
  5. Collecting case studies
  6. Establishing proof of concept
  7. Celebrating your successes
  8. Finding champions

For all the details on each of those tactics…

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