Get Inspired by ‘The Best of the Email Swipe File’

A swipe file is a record of your top-performing campaigns that you return to for learnings and ideas. It was this concept that inspired us to create the Email Swipe File on Pinterest, where we share the emails and landing pages that excite and impress us. We’ve already shared nearly 150 examples of email awesomeness dating all the way back to 2006—and there’s much more to come.

The Best of the Email Swipe FileIn The Best of the Email Swipe File, we highlight the 20 examples from the past year that we love most and put them in the context of five trends that are having a major impact on email design:

  • Mobile-Friendly: The shift from wide screens and mice to narrow screens and fat fingers
  • Personalization: A key tactic for making messages more personally relevant
  • Triggered Sophistication: Longer campaigns, smarter content and better triggers
  • Editorial Voice: The influence of content marketing’ success
  • Inspired Fundamentals: The tactics that have been effective for years and years

Learn more about these trends, see which emails and landing pages we loved best, and check out the ideas we most hope you’ll steal, test and make your own. Get inspired!

>> Download The Best of the Email Swipe File

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