Finding the Goldilocks Email Approval Process

4 Signs Your Email Approval Process Is Hurting PerformanceProcess predicts success. That’s true across the entire email marketing workflow, including how brands handle the approval process for new emails.

Successful email programs are 32% more likely than less successful programs to say they have an appropriately rigorous approval process (68.6% vs. 52.1%) rather than a burdensome process or one that’s too lax, according to Litmus’ State of Email Survey. Marketers who describe their email programs as sophisticated are also significantly more likely than less sophisticated programs to say their approval process is appropriately rigorous (69.6% vs. 55.2%).

A number of factors can tip the balance of an email approval process toward being too cumbersome or too lax:

  1. Number of Approvals Needed
  2. High-Level Executive Signoff Needed
  3. Frequency of Last-Minutes Changes
  4. Approval Lead Time

For all the details, including survey results around current approval process practices,…

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