Faster Is Rarely Better When It Comes to Email Creation Process Tasks

Faster Is Rarely Better When It Comes to Email Creation Process

Creating an email campaign is complicated, taking about two weeks on average from start to finish, according to Litmus’ 2018 State of Email Workflows report. Brands with 500 or more employees take even longer, dedicating 54% more time on average than smaller companies on each of their emails.

Hours—sometimes many hours—are spent on each of the eight stages that are part of the typical email creation process:

  1. Email conception & planning
  2. Copywriting
  3. Graphics & design
  4. Coding & development
  5. Data logic and setting up in email service provider
  6. Testing & troubleshooting
  7. Reviews & approvals
  8. Post-send analytics & analysis

Marketers who describe their email programs as successful spend more time on every facet of email production compared to those at less successful programs. The only exception is reviews and approvals, which both groups spend the same amount of time on.

Let’s explore that one exception—email reviews and approvals—because it strikes us that this stage is different from others. How so? Well, it seems exceptionally inefficient.

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