ESP RFPs: Improving Your Vendor Selection Process

Doing an ESP RFP: Improving Your Vendor Selection Process

Nearly 5% of brands are very dissatisfied with their email service provider, and another 23% are dissatisfied, according to a Litmus poll. Many of those brands might consider switching ESPs in the months ahead.

However, before any brand switches ESPs, they will likely write a request for proposal. A RFP is a list of questions you send to prospective vendors, whose answers you then compare to one another to differentiate their offerings and find the best fit for your brand’s needs.

But which ESP candidates should you include? How should ESP RFPs go in terms of process? What should you include in your RFP?

To answer those questions and more, Litmus reached out to email experts at Marketing Democracy, BrightWave Marketing, DEG, Trendline Interactive,, Laughlin Constable, and Red Pill Email.

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