Email Marketing Rules published 1 year ago today

Get Email Marketing Rules on Amazon.comWow! It was just last year on Mar. 4 that Email Marketing Rules hit book shelves. What a year it’s been!

First, my most sincere thanks go out to the thousands of you that picked up a copy. I hope it’s helping you improve your email marketing programs.

I’d also like to thank the following folks for their continued support:

  • Jay Baer, who wrote a fantastic foreword;
  • Don Davis, Aaron Oppliger, Simms Jenkins, Jeff Rohrs, Loren McDonald, Andrew Bonar, and Anna Yeaman for their kind testimonials in support of the book; and last but not least
  • ExactTarget and for their generous support.

If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy, I hope you’ll consider it. Remember that there are 6 Ways to Get Email Marketing Rules, ranging from discounted to free.

Thanks again, everyone!

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