Email Marketing Rules (2nd Ed.) Is Now Available!

Email Marketing Rules (2nd Edition)I’m thrilled to announce that the 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules is now available! This is the book for you if…

  • You loved the 1st Edition and want more solid advice
  • You’re relatively new to email marketing and want to gain a firm foundation
  • You’re an experienced email marketer and want a tool to help you systematically review your email program to find improvements
  • You work for an email team, agency, or vendor company and need a tool to help train new hires
  • You’re an executive and you want to better understand what your email team is always talking about
  • You’re an email marketer and you want to give your executives a book that will explain what you’re always talking about

>> Buy print edition

>> Buy Kindle edition (which is readable on any device with the free Kindle Reader app)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make the 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules a reality: my wonderful editors, Mark Brownlow and Aaron Smith; Jay Baer, who wrote a fantastic Foreword; Andrea Smith, who designed an awesome cover; my copy editor, Brian Walls; Kyle Lacy, Jeff Rohrs, and all the other great folks at the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud; and most of all, my wife Kate, who put up with a moody, obsessive, and distracted husband all summer. Thanks, everyone!

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