Email List Validation: 11 Expert Predictions About AI

11 Expert Predictions About AI That Marketers Absolutely Can’t Miss

Artificial intelligence will undeniably have a significant effect on marketing in the years ahead. To better understand those effects, Email List Validation reached out to 11 experts, including me.

Many of my views have been shaped by the 20 email marketing experts who contributed to Litmus’ Email Marketing in 2020 report, which addressed all the ways in which email marketing technology and processes will change in the years ahead.

Cumulatively, we came up with eight predictions for how AI will impact marketing:

  1. AI Will Make Data Analysis Much Easier
  2. AI Will Eliminate Menial Marketing Tasks
  3. AI Won’t Replace Interacting With Customers
  4. AI Will Thoroughly Disrupt Marketing
  5. AI Will Replace Entry-Level Marketing Tasks
  6. AI Will Transform Email Copywriting and Personalization
  7. AI Will Overhaul E-commerce Recommendation Engines, But It Won’t Eliminate Email Surveys
  8. AI Will Change the Economics of 1:1 Marketing

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