Demand Gen Report: B2B Marketers Integrating Email with Other Channels to Boost Performance

Integration With Social, SMS & Other Channels Improving Relevance & Results From Email Campaigns

Email continues to be the top channel marketers use to drive demand, according to Demand Gen Report’s 2019 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. But B2B marketers are increasingly integrating email marketing with their efforts in social, SMS, push, and other channels to maximize the impact.

“I have so many clients asking about integrating additional channels, such as social, SMS and direct mail, with their email marketing,” Kim Roman, Senior Principal Consultant for Oracle Expert Services, told Demand Gen Report. “Many are looking to apps that integrate directly with their email marketing platforms, so they can either use email to follow up, continue the conversation from other channels or interact with customers/prospects via other channels based on their interaction with emails.”

Adopting an ABM-based approach can take your program up a notch and improve performance. But if you are not in a position yet to make the technological leap to omnichannel campaigns, I explain that you can ready your organization by breaking down silos and better sharing cross-channel insights internally.

I advise email marketers to meet regularly with their marketing counterparts in social, SEM, advertising, print and elsewhere to share insights. Use email to test messaging and imagery and then use the winner in a print campaign. Use keywords that are performing well in search in the subject lines of your emails. Person-to-person knowledge sharing is a great way to lay the organizational groundwork for working toward a sophisticated omnichannel future.

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