Creating Internal Digital Marketing Benchmarks that Work

How to Create Internal Digital Marketing Benchmarks that Work

Modern brands today are trying to benchmark their digital marketing campaigns to determine which ones are successful and inform improvements. But we find that many brands are often using their internal marketing benchmarks in an overly broad way.

Correcting this problem requires a more granular approach to digital marketing benchmarks, one that groups campaigns by various characteristics to attain the apples-to-apples comparison you’re looking for:

  1. Audience engagement level
  2. Audience size
  3. Goal or purpose
  4. The content stream you’re sending
  5. Seasonality

For each, you’ll likely have two to four tags by which you’ll sort your campaigns to facilitate accurate comparisons. Join Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Peter Briggs and Alexander Stegall as they dive into these characteristics, along with the tags you might use.

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