B2B Marketers’ Emails Need to Be More Targeted

Read the full article on DemandGenReport.comVoice of customer research firm ERDM Corp. has found that B2B marketers’ email marketing programs are frustrating customers and prospects with their “horrendous spray and pray” tactics. Ernan Roman, President of ERDM, added, “the level of exasperation and irritation is profound.”

I spoke with Demand Gen Report reporter Klaudia Tirico about the issue and why personalization isn’t the sole answer to this problem and that marketing automation isn’t necessarily part of the problem.

The problem is a lack of targeting—and triggered emails and personalized emails are “two sides of the same coin.” When done well, both increase relevance, and more relevance is what customer and prospects desperately want.

B2B marketers are well ahead of B2C marketers when it comes to using marketing automation, while B2C marketers are well ahead of B2B marketers when it comes to using personalization. Both can learn from each other.

>> Read the full article on DemandGenReport.com

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