Audience Growth Swipe File Debuts: Ideas to Reach More Consumers

Growing your audience in a thoughtful, methodical way across email, social and mobile channels has become a business imperative. To help inspire you to make the best use of your existing owned, earned and paid channels to build your proprietary audiences, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Audience Growth Swipe File.

Just like our Email Swipe File and Facebook Swipe File, our latest Swipe File pinboard on Pinterest is full of great examples to inspire your marketing efforts. On it you’ll find noteworthy and innovative examples of a wide range of B2C and B2B brands growing their audiences with in-store signage, kiosks, product packaging, email messaging, menus, posters…and much more.

Some of my favorite pins so far include a Barbara’s Puffins cereal box, Supercuts poster, and the unconventional placement of this Bed Bath & Beyond text-for-coupon sign.

>> Check out all the Audience Growth Swipe File pins

View the Audience Growth Swipe File

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