9 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still the King of Customer Engagement

Why Email Is Still the King of Customer Engagement

So many things were supposed to make email obsolete: Facebook, Slack, mobile push—even RSS was once talked about as an email-killer. It turns out that pronouncing email dead is simply a common marketing ploy rather than any kind of market reality.

Email marketing’s return on investment remains stellar, returning $38 for every dollar invested it, according to Litmus research. And market buzz is coming back around on email. For instance, The Wall Street Journal recently called email The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People and The Guardian says that nothing will replace email “in the near future, and probably not in the far future.”

Why is email marketing so powerful? Here are our top 9 reasons:

  1. Email is ubiquitous. Everyone has an account (or two) and uses it.
  2. Email is the account of record.
  3. Email is the most preferred channel for brand communications.
  4. Email is an open platform that no one owns, which keeps costs low.
  5. Email supports rich content, allowing highly engaging experiences.

For the remaining four reasons, and for a discussion of each reason…

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