2019 EEC Awards: Nominate an Email Marketer, Thought Leader, or Program

2019 Email Experience Council Awards

The Email Experience Council is accepting nominations for their 2019 EEC awards until Feb. 1. Get your submissions in now for the following awards:

The 2019 eec Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award

This award winner will be a brand-side marketer who is responsible for creating an Innovative Email Marketing Program; or may have achieved compelling results while under significant pressure or challenges from management; or might have achieved compelling results from their email marketing program by making a quantum leap forward in progress and sophistication.

The 2019 eec Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year Award

This award winner will be someone who works at a digital agency; ESP; or 3rd-party service provider. They should have had a recognized impact on the email marketing community by fostering conversation around an industry issue or proposing a solution to an industry challenge. Or the nominee may have had an overall positive impact on the industry not limited to a single topic or issue.

I won this award last year and I can tell you that it feels amazing to be recognized by your peers for your contributions to the email marketing industry. If there is someone in the industry at an agency, ESP, or 3rd-party service provider whose advice or work you find value, please consider nominating them.

The 2019 eec Email Program Awards

This set of awards promotes excellence in email marketing. In particular, these awards will showcase the impact that email is having in the marketplace and within organizations. Most importantly, these awards will feature email campaigns that make us excited and proud of the work being done in our industry.

  1. Best Use of Data, including Automation and Triggers:
  2. Best Makeover of an Existing Email Program
  3. Best Use of Email in a Cross-Channel Campaign
  4. Best Nurture Campaign
  5. Best Use of Humor; Personality, Content, or Brand

For full details on each of these awards and for submission forms…

>> Visit the 2019 EEC Awards webpage

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