13 Charts from “Email Marketing Rules”

Email Marketing Rules (2nd Edition)Throughout the 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules, I have charts to help readers with various email marketing concepts including media types, permission strength, and email interactions. All of these charts are now available in the Email Marketing Dictionary on EmailMarketingRules.com, as well as on Pinterest.

>> View the charts in the Email Marketing Dictionary

>> Check out the charts on the Email Marketing Rules pinboard on Pinterest

Fig. 1: The 5 Types of Media

Fig. 2: Envelope Content

Fig. 3: Anatomy of a Typical Email

Fig. 4: Email Marketers Have 2 Masters, 2 Sets of Success Metrics

Fig. 5: Increasing Engagement by Mailing Inactives Less Often

Fig. 6: The Subscriber Lifecycle

Fig. 7: Permission Grant Matrix

Fig. 8: Subscriber Status

Fig. 9: Traditional Model of Email Interaction

Fig. 10: Stage-Bypass Model of Email Interaction

Fig. 11: Environment Layers Compound Email Rendering Complexity

Fig. 12: The Email Pyramid

Fig. 13: Subscriber Types by Email Volume

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