Why Preview Testing Every Email You Send Increases Your ROI

Why Testing the Rendering of Every Email You Send Increases Your ROI

Email design is a moving target. Whether marketers like it or not, it’s impossible for them to create a single email design, because the rendering of any individual email changes depending on the email client used to view it, the screen size used to view it, and many other factors.

By our calculation, every email has more than 15,000 different potential renderings. The challenge is to manage and control that variability through savvy coding and design. And you can’t do that if you’re not preview testing every email you create.

While doing this takes extra time and involves extra costs, the effort is well rewarded. Email programs that test every email they send report generating an average return on investment of 40-to-1, whereas programs that test less frequently or not at all report an average ROI of 35-to-1, according to Email Marketing ROI: The Factors that Lead to Better Returns.

Even beyond ROI, email preview testing correlates strongly with success. For example, marketers who describe their email marketing programs as successful are 20% more likely than those at less-successful programs to test every email they send (58% vs. 49%), according to Litmus’ 2018 State of Email Workflows.

There are 3 reasons for why marketers need to remain vigilant about the rendering and functionality of their emails…

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