What the Verizon-AOL Deal Might Mean for Email Marketers

View all of Chad's MediaPost columnsWhile all of the buzz around the $4.4 billion Verizon-AOL deal is about adding more content, video, and ad generation to the mobile company’s distribution platform, the acquisition will also likely affect email marketers.

AOL is one of the oldest and most experienced inbox providers and, in terms of webmail rendering, is one of the absolute best. Verizon also operates email inboxes under the Verizon and FiOS brand names. Expect consolidation of these systems.

However, on the mobile email side of the equation, AOL is not very strong. Expect Verizon to fix that by bringing their mobile savvy to the table.

With a little investment and some smart marketing, Verizon could likely double AOL’s current email client market share and start to get into the race with Google and Microsoft.

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