Total Retail: Email Marketing’s ROI – Three Insights for Retailers

Email Marketing’s ROI: 3 Insights for Retailers

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels, generating a 38-to-1 return on investment across all industries, according to Litmus’ Email Marketing ROI: The Factors That Lead to Better Returns whitepaper. Companies in the retail and consumer goods and services industries generate email marketing ROIs nearly as high, getting 37 times their investment back.

Our research, which involved more than 430 brands, also provided insights into three issues that are important for retailers to understand:

  1. Retailers shouldn’t be afraid that tougher email laws will hurt their email marketing returns.
  2. Stronger permission practices have a sizable positive effect on email ROI.
  3. The better you can measure your email marketing ROI, the higher it’s likely to be.

For a full explanation of each of those…

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