The People, Process, and Products of a Great Email Marketing Workflow

Read the full article on DMNews.comThe right email marketing workflow is a mix of three P’s: people, process, and products. That’s how Elyse Dupre of DM News put it after I spoke with her about our 2016 State of Email Production report. I think that’s a great way to look at what it takes to build a great email marketing machine.

For the People component, we talked about team sizes and about skill sets. I also shared findings from our yet-to-be-released report on email marketing salaries that marketers with more specialized skills tend to earn higher salaries.

For Process, we discussed email content planning—and the lack there of in some instances. We also talked about the approval process and QA, including the counterintuitive finding that more sophisticated marketers halt more email sends and send more apology emails. I explain that it comes down to visibility: “It’s hard to correct a mistake if you don’t know you made one.”

And for Products, we discussed the availability of a lot of email production tools that few marketers are actually using. That’s an opportunity for marketers to try out some of these and see if they make sense for their workflow. We also discussed ESP usage and the fact that there’s a clear split between marketers using just one ESP and those using two or more.

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