The Best Use Cases for Live Content in Emails

Live Content in Emails

The second you send an email, the content in it starts to age. While some content is evergreen and maintains its relevance until whenever your subscribers open your email, other content has a limited lifespan, after which it’s considerably less useful—or completely useless. However, live content can make sure that your content is fresh no matter when your email is opened.

That’s because live content is populated at the time that an individual subscriber opens your email, not at the time that you send it. This not only ensures that your email content is timely, it also allows marketers to include content in their emails that would be difficult to include otherwise.

While image caching by Gmail and Yahoo Mail can sometimes short circuit live content, it’s still powerful. In fact, because of live content’s unique benefits, Oracle Marketing Consultants consider it to be a low adoption–high impact email marketing trend, which means that using live content offers not only significant benefits but also a competitive advantage.

Live content is most effective when used to display content that changes rapidly. Here is our list of the use cases where we think it delivers the biggest impact:

  • Live countdown timers
  • Account dashboards
  • Real-time inventory
  • Live poll results
  • Device targeting
  • Calendar invites
  • Live sports scores, medal counts, etc.
  • Local weather
  • Local maps
  • Social media feeds

In this blog post, Oracle Consulting’s Nick Cantu talks about each of those in turn.

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