The 3rd Edition of ‘Email Marketing Rules’ Is Now Available!

Email Marketing RulesI’m thrilled to announce the release of the 3rd Edition of my book, Email Marketing Rules, which is available on in both print and digital versions.

Updated and greatly expanded, the 3rd Edition of Email Marketing Rules demystifies this vital channel, taking you step by step through 150 best practices, providing extensive tactical checklists, and giving you strategic frameworks for long-term success. It will help you…

  • Set the right program goals by understanding “deep metrics” and properly interpreting campaign, channel, and subscriber metrics
  • Build high-performance lists by identifying valuable subscriber acquisition sources, using appropriate permission practices, and managing inactives wisely
  • Ensure your emails are delivered by understanding the factors that cause inbox providers to block senders
  • Craft relevant messaging with effective subject lines, savvy designs, and smart targeting
  • Automate your messaging so you address moments that matter and create highly engaging subscriber journeys
  • Develop solid workflows that avoid errors and speed up production

You can preview the book below or by visiting and clicking on “Look Inside” above the cover image.

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