Many Marketers Feel Under-Supported and Disrespected

Many Marketers Feel Under-Supported and DisrespectedWhile most brands have been steadily increasing their investments in their email marketing programs, many email marketers don’t feel adequately supported. That’s unfortunate for both marketers and brands, because resourcing levels are highly predictive of email program success.

But the concerns go beyond email marketers just feeling under-supported. In some cases, they feel disrespected by the management at their companies. Too many have been forced to do things in their email program that they strongly disagree with, and a shocking number personally know someone who has been fired over an email marketing mistake.

In exploring this issue, we polled marketers about how well resourced their email programs are, how well staffed they are, whether they’d been forced by management to do things they strongly disagreed with, and how well leadership at their company understands email marketing. Plus, we spoke with marketing experts from Adesta, Email Optimization Shop, Merkle, and Shaw + Scott to try to better understand the causes of these problems and how they can be fixed.

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