In Defense of ‘Low’ Open Rates

MediaPostNo one wrings their hands over email marketing’s stellar ROI, but I’m surprised by how often a big deal is made out of “low” open, click and conversion rates. Everything is about perspective. And that’s absolutely the case when looking at open rates, which can be highly misleading, especially when compared over long periods of time or between different companies.

But even when you add in opens when images are blocked and plain text email opens, the resulting “read rate” can still be quite misleading. For example, Return Path recently released fourth quarter 2012 data showing that the percentage of emails from retailers that were read fell to 15.2% from 17% in the fourth quarter of 2011.

On the surface that doesn’t look so great, but if you look deeper there’s much less cause for concern, if indeed any is warranted at all… Read my entire Email Insider column >>

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