Email Design Podcast #78: The 2017 State of Email Deliverability

Email Design Podcast 78 - The State of Email DeliverabilityIn this episode of The Email Design Podcast, I talk with host Kevin Mandeville about the findings of our 2017 State of Email Deliverability ebook, which is the latest in our State of Email Survey research series. The report addresses the email marketing behaviors that improve and harm deliverability.

During this 48-minute podcast, we discuss some of the major findings of the report, including:

  • The prevalence of being blocked and blacklisted
  • The effects of using various subscriber acquisition sources
  • The merits of single vs. double opt-in practices
  • The adoption of email authentication, list-unsubscribe, and encryption
  • The use of email address verification, bounce management, and spam filter testing
  • The adoption of re-engagement, win-back, and re-permission campaigns
  • The use of deliverability monitoring and supplemental analytics

Our discussion provides insights and context not provided in the ebook.

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