Email Blocklists: How to Get Off One, and Stay Off Them

How to Get Off an Email Blocklist and Stay Off

Having your email IP address or domain added to an email blocklist can seriously affect your deliverability, and therefore the profitability of your email program. This is doubly true if you’re blocklisted during one of your key selling seasons.

For those reasons, it’s important to routinely check if your brand is on any email blocklists and, if it is, to take the necessary steps to get removed and then to make changes so it’s less likely to end up on an email blocklist again.

In this post, Oracle Marketing Consulting Head of Email Deliverability Services Daniel Deneweth and I explain…

  1. What email blocklists are, including the two different kinds and a list of major blocklist operators
  2. How to determine if you’re on one or more email blocklists, including a list of paid and free tools
  3. How to get your brand removed from a blocklist
  4. How to avoid getting blocklisted, including recommended and highly recommended action items

To get all the details on each of these topics…

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