e-shot: Email Engagement Is on the Up, and 7 More Trends for 2022

Email engagement is on the up – 7 more trends for 2022

The pandemic has put an increased focus on email marketing as a way for consumers to stay in touch with their favorite brands. Engagement is up, but e-shot wonders what marketers should focus on in 2022 to keep growing their email marketing programs growing. Along with Kath Pay, Jordie van Rijn, Dela Quist, Jenna Tiffany, Dave Chaffey, and Dan Hare, I help illuminate 7 trends for this year:

  1. Accessibility
  2. User-generated content and social proof
  3. Mindful personalization
  4. Data protection and privacy
  5. New ways to measure success
  6. Larger BIMI adoption across brands
  7. Interactivity in emails, including micro-interactions

For a detailed look at each of those…

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