Different Subscriber Segments Require Different Success Metrics

Watch Vicky Ge discuss email metrics and cohortsOur subscribers aren’t all the same. They have different goals, which means that marketers should have different strategies for optimizing those relationships and measuring the success of those relationships.

Vicky Ge, Marketing Manager, Trade Books, at Amazon.com, is very mindful of the different audiences that the ecommerce giant serves. At The Email Design Conference, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Vicky about how marketers can best approach measuring success across their various subscriber segments.

“We try to group out our success metrics by different customer clusters,” said Vicky, who emphasized that translates into a segmented and personalized content strategy.

“My goal is to make sure that any person is receiving the content that is most appropriate to that person,” she said. “If that person is an influencer, I want to send them the content that helps them be an influencer. If that person just likes to shop a lot, I want to send them content that they want to buy. If that person is a browser, I want to send them content they like to browse through.”

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