Customer First Thinking Podcast: Email Still Rules

Customer First Thinking Podcast with Chad White

Email marketing never seems to get the respect it deserves, yet consumers continue to prefer it over every other media channel, says Stephen Shaw, host of the Customer First Thinking Podcast. I could agree more.

I recently joined him on his podcast, where we talked about how the future of email marketing is as promising as ever. During our conversation, he asked me:

  • Why doesn’t email marketing get more respect?
  • What have been the major inflection points in the email marketing industry over the past decade?
  • What is the relationship between email marketing and content marketing?
  • What are the most important things to get right in email marketing?
  • Where do email programs struggle with program coherence?
  • Where do marketers get in trouble today with email marketing?
  • What metrics should marketers be focusing on?
  • What are the challenges around email marketing attribution?
  • …and much more

To hear my answers…

>> Listen to the podcast at

>> Read a summary of the interview in DM Magazine

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