4 Kinds of Email Addresses That Are Damaging Your Deliverability

Read the full article on MarketingProfs.comEmail is a great medium for connecting with leads and customers. But when your list becomes bloated with bad addresses and inactive subscribers, your deliverability can be in serious jeopardy.

Here are four types of offending addresses and how to deal with each of them effectively:

  1. Invalid Email Addresses. These addresses are unmailable, which means they don’t match any existing email accounts.
  2. Spam Traps. All spam traps pose risks to marketers, but the most harmful are pristine spam traps—email addresses created by inbox providers and blacklisting organizations to identify spammers.
  3. Role-based Email Addresses. These include departmental addresses, such as “sales@company.com” or “events@company.com.”
  4. Inactive Subscribers. These fall into two categories: never-actives and chronic inactives. Never-actives are new subscribers who haven’t engaged with any of your emails; chronic inactives have opened and clicked through your messages in the past, but they have since ignored them for several months or longer.

For a detailed discussion of each of these…

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