10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes that Are *Fairly* Easy to Fix

10 More Common Email Marketing Mistakes - And Solutions

Email marketing is a complicated interplay of tactics and strategies, and it’s easy to make mistakes. I recently wrote about 10 common email marketing mistakes that are easy to fix, and now I’d like to share another 10 common mistakes with fixes that are slightly more involved, but still very much worth your attention.

  1. Allowing errors to slip through
  2. Not setting default values for personalization
  3. Using a no-reply email address
  4. Not using responsive email design
  5. Using a one-size-fits-all send time
  6. Only A/B testing your broadcast campaigns
  7. Ignoring the natural rate of return
  8. Not sending your welcome email immediately
  9. Sending your email in the wrong language
  10. Not optimizing for dark mode

For a discussion of each of those mistakes and how to fix them…

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