Glossary of Common Email Marketing Terms from Email Marketing Rules

Email Marketing Rules (2nd Edition)Nobody likes jargon, but to effectively communicate with vendors, consultants, and other email marketers, an email marketing vocabulary is essential. To help folks better understand email terminology, I’ve added the glossary from the upcoming 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules to my website. You can find it at

This dictionary contains common email marketing terms including sender name, confirmed opt-in, defensive design, re-permission emails, and progressive profiling.

It also includes some new terms and concepts that I discuss in the book, including:

super-engagement: Tactics that further engage subscribers who are already highly engaged

device-targeted content: Using responsive email design to target subscribers with different content depending on the device that the email is displayed on

granted media: Media content produced by a brand that’s distributed to an audience the brand developed via an open platform controlled by multiple third parties, such as email and SMS

real list growth: A measure of the change in subscriber lifetime value of a list, this metric subtracts the value of subscribers lost over a period of time from the value of those gained during that period

opt up: When a subscriber opts into additional mailstreams from a brand via a preference center, loyalty program, sister brands, or another mechanism

I hope you find this glossary helpful.

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