Webinar Recording + Q&A: Email Tactics Customers Hate

Email Tactics Customer Hate webinar recording

There’s a disconnect in today’s email marketing technology. While some tactics are helping brands get closer to their customers, others are undermining their return on investment by pushing customers away.

For instance, 17% of brands are buying email addresses to grow their list and reach new prospects. However, many of those brands are among the 33% of brands that have been blocked and 15% that have been blacklisted in the past year.

In this webinar, I help you distinguish between the tools and tactics that improve your email program and those that hurt your program because they’re abusive and annoying. In addition to explaining why some of these tactics appear worthwhile on the surface, I discuss:

  • Tools and services to avoid
  • How to keep good tools from doing your program harm
  • Using the right metrics to draw conclusions

Along the way, I share research, examples, and frameworks that will help you ensure you’re spending your marketing dollars on the right email tactics and technology.

>> Watch the recording, download the slides, and read the Q&A on the Litmus blog

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