Top Models of the Email Runway: Presented by Fashion Week

Email-Specific Tactics for Model PhotographyIn honor of New York Fashion Week, I wanted to share some email-specific tactics for model photography. Of course, models are essential to conveying your brand image and demonstrating products, particularly how a garment looks on its own and with other items. But email presents some unique constraints and goals that model photography can address.

Adjusting to Preview Panes & Email Dimensions: Model photography has to adjust to the fact that while an entire email can be quite long—sometimes even extremely long—subscribers only view small portions of it at a time.

Encouraging Scrolling: Model photography can also be used to encourage subscribers to scroll, chiefly by having models looking down.

Encouraging Clickthroughs: In addition to scrolling, model photography can also spur clickthroughs by focusing attention on key copy and calls-to-action.

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